Carboni Studio

Remaark / LOCAL LOVE

This launch video for Remaark, a new tool designed to improve communication between businesses and consumers. I was asked to create something fun and illustrative that explains just how easy and rewarding their user experience is. These are selected frames from the two approaches presented.


Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove01_01 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove01_02 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove01_03 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove01_04 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove01_05 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove01_Character_Designs copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove02_01 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove02_02 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove02_03 copy.jpg
Carboni_Remaark_LocalLove02_04 copy.jpg