Carboni Studio

Rae Sremmurd / SREMM LIFE 2

To celebrate the release of Rae Sremmurd’s second album “Sremm Life 2” , I was asked to create a promotional short that showcased the most compelling aspects of the duo’s mantra. After all, any life can be a Sremm life, but a Sremm life is not just any life…


Client: Adult Swim

Studio: Boss Creative

Design, Direction & Animation: Chris Carboni

Co-Direction: Daniel Garcia


RS_Frame_01_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_02_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_03_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_04_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_05_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_08_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_09_r3 copy.jpg
RS_Frame_10_r3 copy.jpg