Carboni Studio

Netflix / Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is a weekly Netflix original series that explores the modern cultural and political landscape with depth, humor, and ground-breaking technological innovation. With the help of a massive high resolution LED stage and backdrop, the show employs revolutionary motion design and animation to help communicate complex ideas and densely packed narratives.

I was asked to serve as Episode Lead during the show’s Emmy-winning first season. Responsibilities included design, art direction, and animation direction for each episode that I worked on, as well as storyboarding key moments, conceptualizing ideas & pitching them to Hasan, and coordinating with the writing and news departments on how best to tell our story visually. During rehearsals and tapings I was also responsible for giving feedback from the control room to ensure that everything looked as intended on stage.

Below you’ll find individual case studies for the episodes I worked on, each containing a brief graphics reel, stage designs, and selected animations. Full episodes can be viewed on Netflix.



“As overdoses involving fentanyl continue to skyrocket, Hasan traces the origins of the synthetic opioid and how drug companies profit from it’s misuse.”


The Real Cost of Cruises

“Cruise lines promise fun, inexpensive vacations, but Hasan discovers that major carriers are exploiting loose regulations on labor, safety and crime.”


The Broken Policing System

“Five years after three high-profile killings by police, Hasan looks at the culture and systems in place that help officers avoid accountability.”


Graphics Team Credits

Creative Director: Jorge Peschiera

Graphics Producer: Justine Webster

Episode Lead: Chris Carboni

Head of Animation: Yussef Cole

Lead Animator: Brandon Sugiyama

Animators: Apollo Baldoz, Richard Lampasone, Tynesha Foreman, Ananya Ghatrazu, Jeejung Kim, Ryan Mauskopf, Dorca Musseb

Junior Animator: John Hughes

Pre-Vis & Screens Supervisor: Jaimie Van Dyke

Pre-Vis Operator: Mikaela Baird

Graphics Coordinator: Riann Weyers